Is it possible to remove asbestos from my Perth home myself?

In fact, there is no legal barrier to prevent a homeowner from carrying out asbestos removal. But this practice is NOT Recommended. However, if you plan to remove asbestos yourself, you need to adhere to all the safety requirements associated with the process of asbestos removal in Perth. An unlicensed person is permitted to remove non-friable material if the area is less than 10 m2 and the total removal time doesn’t exceed one hour within a 7-day period. What you need to remember is, asbestos fibers are quite dangerous and may pose a health risk not only for yourself but your family and neighbors too. If the product is loosely bound, it is best that you leave it to a licensed professional.

On the other hand, if the asbestos is firmly bound and you decide to remove them by yourself, you need to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). Make sure you double wrap the material in thick – 0.2mm – strong plastic bags and label them as “Asbestos.” Dispose the bags along with the PPE at an appropriate waste treatment center.

How to dispose of asbestos in Perth WA?

Asbestos waste should only be disposed at approved sites. Check with your local council for such centers in your area. Each council may have its own rules on how they receive asbestos waste. They may have certain conditions, such as the maximum permitted limit and time of disposal, for accepting these waste materials. You may use a licensed service to collect and remove the asbestos waste for you. They will provide different waste removal equipment such as bins, containers, drums, and skips to collect the asbestos waste. You may find these Perth asbestos¬†removalists in the Yellow Pages under “Asbestos Removal” or “Asbestos.” Or simply visit¬†to get professional advice.

If you have to take the waste material to your Perth council’s approved waste collection site, make sure you place the double wrapped bags in a trailer or the back of a truck. The load should be secured so that it doesn’t fly out or bounce. Follow the directions of the council once you are at the site.

Think about your neighbors

Don’t forget your neighbors when you decide to remove asbestos materials by yourself. The law stipulates that any nuisances which are dangerous to health could be investigated by your local council or by an environmental health officer – Nuisance provisions of the Health Act 1958.

Any asbestos work that is carried out in Perth without proper precautions can be investigated by your local council. If you find a neighbor dealing with asbestos removal without proper precautions, contact your local council since the party may be breaching the Health Act of 1958 and the Building Act of 1993.

Other important things to consider –

Some renovations might require planning approval or demolition permits. Make sure you contact the local council’s planning department for more information. If you are employing a person to remove asbestos from your property, make sure that person is licensed. Unlicensed contractors cannot legally remove loosely-bound asbestos. They can remove firmly bound asbestos if the removal area is less than 10 m2 and they conduct the removal process for less than one-hour in any seven-day period. Keep this mind when you decide to deal with asbestos in your property.